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  1. I actually had the issue a couple times already and via ticket an helper connected to my PC with TeamViewer and fixed it by just switching from pathfinder to normal and back, then resetting. My layout is normale, can be moved, but no matter how many times i switch and reset, it's still bugged.
  2. Occasionally, and for no apparent reason, the controls stop working properly. When you move it will just keep walking endlessly, when you jump most of the times it just won't and so on. I tried restarting the PC, reselecting Pathfinder controls and resetting them many times, but nothing seems to fix the issue. What bugs me is, for example, i played an hour earlier, no issue. Had to leave home, shut down pc, when i came back, i logged as usual and the issue was there, but nothing changed on the settings, no updates on the software, seems just random.
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    Why did you call this thread Apex when it's clearly not Apex related?
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