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  1. My subscription has been renewed and the code has not been sent

  2. When will the bypass update be done?

    1. HighOnRayne


      I am also curious

  3. Cafune


  4. Cafune


    You just have to wait.But don't be too sure it will be fixed
  5. Cafune


    ESP/Magic Doesn't Only Working in Bots Will Be Fixed Soon
  6. STEP 1 The first thing after the purchase will be made is to contact with the OWNER or SUPPORT. Contact ShivShubh#7192 or a SUPPORT STAFF. https://discord.gg/xKktnY72sV STEP 2 Then a key will be sent to you. STEP 3 An info will be sent to you so that you can setup. If you do not setup, contact a SUPPORT STAFF. Or you can get info from this link. https://pathfinder.gg/index.php?/forum/7-info-and-tutorials/
  7. Download all other files except path2.0.dll as zip. Then download the path2.dll file separately with the link I gave you and paste it into the bypass file. https://www.mediafire.com/file/37ldih7a6j4ryto/path2.0.dll/file If the problem is not resolved, contact via discord. ! Cafune#0001 https://discord.gg/fPZJ4wnbXB
  8. If you are experiencing this issue for more than 1 week,You are using old version hack You can download the new version hack from https://mega.nz/folder/3k9lBShR#t1028w3rgVZTtuZf7MQ9_g/folder/z0MniYAS If you are experiencing the problem in the last 3 days, contact again.
  9. Before Using Bypass, You Must Adjust Graphics Settings. If You Want To Change The Graphics. Update the emulator, start pubg mobile normally. Make your settings, then you can continue playing from bypass.
  10. Old version Hack, you may be using it. If you are entering the key for the first time. Add Hack Data Execution Prevention (DEP) after key entry. Otherwise, The hack will be deleted from Data Execution Prevention (DEP). You will have to add it again. Run the hack with the OPEN HACK button on Antiban / Bypass. If none of the items worked, you can get Support from the Support Team on Pathfinder X Discord Server. For more information and Support https://discord.gg/esqpP4bS5h
  11. Antiban and Bypass Safe supports Gameloop 4.4 / 7.1 and SmartGAGA. There are many accounts that reached Fatih/Conqueror and reached rankings, you can see a screenshot of them on the Pathfinder discord server. We offer a very simple installation and comfortable / modern, secure (Antiban / Bypass / Hack). For more information https://discord.com/invite/tbckh7dbUr Contact for purchase Discord - ShivShubh#1004
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